Five Ways to be Remembered by Your Clients

The next time my clients need a voice talent, I want to make sure that I’m the first person they consider booking. In order for that to happen, I stay in contact with them using a variety of methods. Here are five ways I keep in touch with my existing clients.

1. Monthly Blast

Each month, I send a newsletter that provides suggestions on improving the relationship between talent seeker and the VO talent. In the newsletter I include a short blurb about two of the clients I worked with the previous month. Clients appreciate being mentioned and it seems to have positive, beneficial results for my business.

2. Hello, Again

I take time to send a short e-mail to clients I have not heard from in a while. I might send along a link to an article that is relevant to them personally or professionally. Of the personalized e-mail that I send, about 30% respond and at the very least acknowledge that they received my message.

3. Rekindle Missed Opportunities

It’s important for me to stay in touch with prospective clients as well. I send a very short e-mail to individuals and agencies who have contacted me for a quote. I remind them that I’d still like their business and ask that they pass my contact info on to anybody who is looking to hire a voice talent.

4. Say Thank You!

After each job, I send my clients a handwritten notecard, thanking them for using my voice for their project. I include two business cards so they can easily pass my contact information on to other folks who need VO talent. Aside from the repeat business from clients, I’ve received a few referrals using this method.

5. Get Social

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are useful tools as well. These allow me to get a snapshot of what my clients are doing and provides me the opportunity to interact with them on a social networking level. I don’t spend hours on these sites, but I do take a quick glance to see what’s up.

These five ways to stay in contact work in most client/service relationships. whether it be voice over, copywriting, photography, design, dentist, doctor, carpenter, lawyer and others. Keep your clients aware that you are available for business.

This combination has worked well for me. I’m always open to suggestions that might make my process better and more profitable. What works for you?

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